Easy Banner Advertising Suggestions That Offer Good Results

epic fireworks advertising banner
banner Advertising
Image by EpicFireworks

I’ve been told that effective banner ads make money, is that true? Target your main keywords within your banner advertising. Need some banner advertising ideas? Continue reading!

If you want to become a successful banner advertiser, you need to know the ins and outs of the marketing medium before you invest any time/money into it. This article offers you several great tips for putting stronger banner ads out on the net.

As with many other areas in marketing, you can learn a lot from other banner advertisers, and we’re talking about monitoring ads that seem to run for a good while. While the net has been through incredible evolution and change, there are quite a few things in advertising and marketing that probably will stay the same, forever. After you do your research and have collected some excellent banners, then sit back and study them; after that, you should have a solid idea to make your own. Studying and emulating other ads will save you time with the learning curve as well as trying to do it all from zero. People have had banner blindness for many years, but you can still design great banners that will capture the attention and interest of website readers. What do other advertisers do to get attention to their ads? Once again, study banners in highly trafficked websites and you’ll have a better idea. Actually, you can find great banner ads all over the net; searching authority portals, niche portals, Google, etc. Those websites all have a very high amount of traffic, and that means the ad costs are high so the banners will be effective and worth your time to study. So it’s up to you and the amount of time you decide to devote to learning from all those banners. Of course there’s a visual element to your banners, but it’s the content you include that will go far to determine conversion rate. The variety of content to be found on the internet is pretty vast. Your content is really along the lines of a classified ad because of the tight restrictions on space. No matter how fabulous your banner graphics are, if your copy sucks then you won’t get much of a response from people. You can use your company or product Unique Selling Point to use on the banner, if you need inspiration. There’s nothing wrong with using your own USP from your business or product. Your ad needs to show the visitors “what’s in it for them.”

It’s a good idea to rotate new ad designs on a particular website because of over-exposure of an ad. You can have successful ads that begin to lose their effectiveness, then it’s time to replace it with something new. You can easily create any number of ads you want or need, and then advertise in multiple locations. This will give you a fair idea on which one’s performing well and giving you the best results. In conclusion, banner advertising is an efficient method for promoting products. Once you start using it for promotional reasons, you will recognize why it had made many people successful. It may take a lot of time to learn it, but eventually it will give very positive results.

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How To Generate Traffic With Banner Advertising

banner Advertising
Image by Mundoo
The Alexandrina Council Library celebrated its 20th anniversary with activities all week. A banner advertises an activity.

When the internet was still growing in popularity, the majority of advertising on websites was done in banner form. Believe it or not, not many people thought about utilizing the internet as an advertising medium until just a few years ago!

Those advertisements that did exist were in the form of flashing banners – the brighter and more garish the better (or so it felt to the casual web surfer). When companies like Google Adwords and Text Link Ads began to surface, banner advertising took a back seat to the less invasive text ads.

Lately, however, banner advertising has become more popular as people have learned how to make different sized banners and have gotten better with flash programming and graphic design. If you would like to know how to generate traffic with banner advertising, here are a few hints to help you out:

1. Just like text-based ads, you need to find advertising services that can target websites in your niche. A banner for a video game subscription service won’t get as many click throughs if it is featured on a fashion website.

2. Do your best to get your banner advertising placed on websites that see a lot of traffic every day. It might be cheaper to advertise on websites that aren’t yet very popular, but the higher cost will be worth it when you see just how quickly your traffic numbers jump. A banner ad that runs for a single week on an incredibly popular website will be worth more than one hundred banner ads running for three weeks on less popular websites.

3. Make sure that your banner itself is designed well.
This is an advertisement for your company. You want the banner design to reflect your business’s brand. Something that flashes and gives people a headache probably won’t get as many click throughs as something that is subtle and works well with the background of the site on which it sits.

4. No matter what anybody tells you, banner advertising that involves sounds or videos that play automatically are annoying and will not get clicked on. In fact, these advertisements are often the reason people click away from a website. Just because you know how to make a short video play in your advertising space doesn’t mean you should put that knowledge into play.

A few things to consider before you get start on your banner advertising. You’ll come across several different references to words such as CPA, CPM, CPC. They are all relevant to your campaign:

CPA – Meaning cost per action. This is a way of tracking a visitor that comes to your website and takes a specific action (such as adding an item to a shopping cart, or checking out, or requesting a quote).

EX: if you sell professional services then one of the actions on your website will be your quote form or your contact form. CPA will allow you to give that action a price. For some websites that action could be worth a few dollars and for some others a few hundred dollars. It depends largely on how many of those actions convert to sales and how much those sales are worth to you in the short term and even in the long term.

CPM – Meaning cost per 1,000 impressions. This means that each time your banner is seen it will be counted as an impression. So if a visitor on another website sees your ad then that’s one impression. If they go to another page on that website and see your ad again then that’s two impressions. This could also mean that potentially you could have 1,000 people see your ad and even click on your ad.

On average though the amount of people that see your ad and click on it will defer significantly. It depends on where you’re advertising, how well your ad performs in getting visitors to click on it and several other factors.

The secret here is to first find out how much each visitor is worth to you. Meaning if 100 visitors came to your website from advertising and 5 of them buy and generate about $ 500 in revenue for you then you could pay anywhere between 1 penny (99% Return since your cost is so low) and $ 5(0% Return since your cost is too high) for each visitor ( 100 visitors X $ 5 ).

CPC – Cost Per Click – This is the most common form of advertising that most businesses are familiar with. This allows you to set prices for how much you will pay for each each click to your website. Using the above example — on average each visitor to your website is worth $ 5 so as long as you can generate clicks for less then $ 5 you should have a profitable campaign.

These are just a few ways to generate traffic with banner advertising. Some simple research and a visit to our website will turn up even more hints to help you drive traffic to your website.

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Using Banner Advertising To Build Traffic

Ghostly Luxury
banner Advertising
Image by Theen …
Semi transparent advertising banners that hang from the glass windows like blinds, at a luxury car dealer.

For some banner advertising is old hat. In their minds, banners are a has been advertising method. They say “its day is done.” While I will admit that banner advertising is not what it once was, I disagree with the idea that its day is far from over. If that were indeed the case, why have so many invested in the idea of interactive banners?

You’ve probably seen them on many social networking sites, auction sites, and video sharing sites. they are cute little games designed to get your attention without being truly annoying. Once someone clicks on the game and plays, they are automatically taken to the sponsor’s site. It’s a technique that works, but not the only one.

A banner’s ability to lure customers is based largely on design and content. This alone can make or break its usefulness to the business it represents. Its main function is to pave the way for businesses to promote themselves. A good, well designed banner with eye catching content can mean all the difference between a high click thru rate or a dismal one.

One good idea is o analyze those banners that have caught your attention. What was it that caught your eye? Was it the colors used? Was it the text used? Or how it was presented? All of these are important issues to be considered when designing your own customized banners.

Another consideration is content. Creating a sense of urgency seems to be one of the best approaches. It seems to me that the ones that seem to grab my attention the most are the ones that use words like “click here,” “free gift just for visiting,” or “click now”. For the individual designer, it could be something entirely different. It may be certain colors presented in certain ways.

Another aspect is consistency and presentation. The colors are eye catching and complimentary. Keywords are highlighted or are in bold print for emphasis and use words like “click here” or “limited offer” to stimulate response to the banner’s message.

One major aspect to the success of banner advertising is file size. With the advent of dsl and cable, this may not be as large an issue as it once was some time ago, but keep in mind that there are still a large number of people who use dial up services and it is they whom you must be mindful of. Another factor that plays an importance here is the improvements in browser technology. The browser used to today are vastly superior to those used a few years ago. The rule of thumb here is the smaller the file size, the better. If it takes longer than ten seconds maximum to load, odds are it will never be seen. Obviously, banners that are not seen are useless.

For generic banners it is best to have seven words or less. Otherwise, it will have too many words and will be ignored.

There are a number of websites available to help in the design of banners. Many are free, while others offer a paid subscription for using their services. The difference here can be significant. If it is a free service, the banner will likely carry their (the free banner creation site’s) logo and possibly url. Certainly it will carry some sort of reference to their site. Paid services do not as a general rule.

Banners still have their uses in Internet Advertising. While it is not as high as it once was, it still has an important part to play. Its design, content, and colors, can mean all the difference between a higher click through rate and one that leaves much to be desired.

RP Smith is the owner of the website http://www.e-profitsubmissions.com/

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What Yahoo! Banner Advertising Can do for You

banner Advertising
Image by mikecogh
Used at buzzryan.com/pornhub-wants-to-penetrate-the-christmas-mus…, and www.genbeta.com/web/el-porno-no-se-libra-pornhub-y-youpor…, and www.attn.com/stories/4249/pornhub-charity-history, and www.inquisitr.com/2698721/pornhubs-2015-stats-are-an-eye-…

According to Yahoo they are the most visited homepage on the Internet. With 36 million visitors a day, you are probably wondering how you can run your advertising banner campaign through them. Here is some information on Yahoo! Advertising:

Yahoo! Advertising will help you target your banner ad to millions of the visitors they get each day. Yahoo offers behavioral targeting for banner ads based on what their users purchase online or research online. They also offer demographic targeting which they base on predefined age groups ranging from 13 to over 65 and on the gender of the users. Additionally they offer geographic targeting. This is unique because they actually allow you to define your banner ad audience based on the country, state or zip code that they live in. This is great if you not only have an online store, but an offline storefront. This way, users can see your banner ad, see that your store is close to them in location and actually visit your storefront. You can also use Yahoo’s retargeting tool that will help you change the message of your online banner advertising for certain audiences to make sure that you can reach them on their level.

Yahoo Property
When you sign up for banner ad advertising on Yahoo you can choose what Yahoo property or networks your custom web banner will run on. There are many choices from Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! Shopping, Hotjobs, Yahoo! Sports and more.

Ad Specs
Yahoo offers tons and tons of banner ad spec options. The key to deciding what size custom banner ad you will need is to first decide what Yahoo property or networks you want your online banner advertising to run on. They have specific ad sizes for each network and position on the page that you want your ad to run.

Yahoo has several programs that can help you determine if your banner ad campaign is working. They partner with third party Dynamic Logic and other companies to help companies like you measure the success of their brand and the awareness their advertising is creating. Yahoo itself also can show you your results in driving online and offline purchasing through your banner ad campaign. In addition, Yahoo allows companies to customize their reporting and they have in-house staff members that will help get you reports on anything you need to know regarding your branding and advertising banner efforts.

Yahoo! Advertising provides much more information on their various banner ad advertising options. To learn more about Yahoo! Advertising,

The mobile advertising dynamic HTML5 mobile banner ads are future of mobile advertising as IAB Says HTML5 Is New Standard, Adobe Agrees. Read more about HTML5 Mobile Banner Ads
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Is Banner Advertising Better Than PPC?

Banner advertising was around long before Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and it’s no big news that PPC is the new dominant advertising tool for many businesses. After all, PPC is laser focused and very direct in working to draw a very specific customer type to your site.

Banner advertising has been described by some as being akin to the dodo bird. In essence the feeling among some is that this kind of advertising is nearing a point of extinction and may be remembered with warm fuzzies, but may not be missed.

However, a quick trip into the depths of cyber space and you will find all kinds of banner ads, and major corporations develop and use them.

Do they know something you don’t?

I think what some of these corporations do know is that banner advertising can move beyond simple static graphics. In essence many banner ads today are being developed to include bold interaction that may appear as a game or perhaps as a mini movie.

These banner ads serve a unique niche for the visually oriented consumer.

The use of banner advertising may be used when the advertising business has a fairly clear understanding of the benefit of advertising on a specific site or sites. For instance if a site draws thousands of visitors a day and your product or service fits the demographic of the site then using banner ads that can help the visitor visualize something more then PPC text has the ability to facilitate a better Return on Investment (ROI).

If PPC is the ‘everyman’ advertising method then the new generation of banner ads is for the expert advertiser. Banner ads can help you motivate potential customers to visit your site from the confines of a site they trust and a site you value for their ability to generate traffic to your site.

Banner advertising is also good for an industry specific website. If there is a site that is in concert with your business goals and directives it might make sense to look into using banner advertising on their site.

While banner advertising is not as laser focused as PPC it can be a significant help if you are willing to do your own research to see what sites may best benefit your business.

There are still banner exchange programs, but they are often meaningless in that they may send some customers to your site, but they aren’t targeted and the individuals may not be especially motivated beyond initial curiosity. Besides you may be required to place banner advertising on your site that doesn’t really fit with your demographic (or potentially objectionable) just to participate in the banner link exchange.

There is also the question of banner ad development. Unless you are especially skilled in graphic design you may need to outsource the banner ad development from a third party.

You may be able to access a low-cost or no-cost banner ad through a site like www.logobogo.com, but a banner ad will need to be created in either a visually static display or a flash designed banner with very specific dimensions.

So, to recap – the banner advertising of today requires a greater sense of business research to find the best fit for your advertising dollar and banner development is something you will need to develop as you begin to look into what possibilities exist in this refreshed advertising medium.

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Web Banner Advertising Is Not Extinct

Welcome Banner
banner Advertising
Image by randomcuriosity
The banner was quite impressive. I didn’t actually have a Widmer while I was there. Perhaps this was because it was still before noon, or perhaps this was because pints weren’t the price advertised (and subsequently taped over) on the banner ().

This argument has been raging for awhile. In the early days of cyberspace, internet banner advertising was a hot commodity, then it moved into the not so effective stage, followed by being labeled a relic of the past, and now it has been declared dead by people “in the know”. Apparently some of the major news services and mega companies online did not get the memo because they still use banner ads; and quite profitably.

A web site banner is an advertisement in the form of image and text. Though you will see banner ads placed in a variety of different areas, they are commonly used at the top of a webpage. This technique maybe considered a holdover from when internet banner advertising was in its glory days but it really serves a more practical purpose. The top of the page is where you are most likely to attract the attention of your visitors.

So why the rush to place banner advertising alongside the fossil remains of the tyrannosaurus at your local museum? Part of it is that since the internet moves at warped speed, many people figure something old as web banner advertising cannot be effective or they just never had much success even when these types of ads were in vogue. Whatever the reason, a web site banner (like any form of advertisement) can do a nice job of promoting your products or services, when used effectively. Use one or a combination of these tips to get you started.

1. Land of the Free
This word does something to all of us. Mainly it gets us to explore further. Advertise a free giveaway on your web site banner related to your target market. Offer a free ebook or helpful video that gets people curious to find out more. When they click the ad banner, you can lead them to signup page, with an opt in email form. If your initial free offer is enticing enough, then people will not mind giving you their contact information

2. Free Banner Exchange
The people over at the website Marketing Terms have come up with the simplest and best definition of a banner exchange program: “I will show your ads on my site in exchange for getting to show my ads on your site.” This is a very cost effective way to get your banner on hundreds if not thousands of other websites. Many banner exchanges will work hard to match your ad banner to a relevant website. Keep in mind this is not always feasible so you may get stuck putting banner ads on your site outside of your niche.

3. Paid Banner Ads
As the name implies you are paying for your banner to be advertised on other websites. The key to ensuring this method yields some good return on your investment is to make sure the website you are advertising on delivers the web traffic they promise. You also want your web site banner to be placed in an area that’s clearly visible and not on the same page as ten or twenty other banner ads.

4. Free Traffic Exchange
This too has been labeled passe and ineffective but it works and banner ads are perfect for traffic exchanges. You know of course that for every site you surf you accumulate some type of credit. You can then exchange however many credits you choose for banner impressions (your web site banner displayed on another site within the exchange). Why is this so effective? On average, click thru rates of traffic exchange banners are greater than banner only exchanges. This is one of the great secrets of traffic exchanges that can boost your internet business considerably.

Web banner advertising is not extinct. Like anything else you must go about using it correctly. Offer something for free, do your homework when it comes to free exchanges and paid ads while utilizing the hidden goldmine of traffic exchanges. In the end you will find that web banner advertising, far from being a relic of the past, is still very much alive and profitable.

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Get the Benefits of Banner Advertising Statistics

Candid streetart.
banner Advertising
Image by svenhoffmann1968
Seen near Cologne central station.

Please follow me on instagram.com/skipperhr37 and visit my blog www.streetphotographyclogne.com

Any average online buff should at least have ample exposure to numerous banner ads as websites normally contain them. Base on banner advertising statistics, use of banners are guaranteed effective to pull a good traffic without being expensive.

Majority of banners are charge on pay per click. This means that a banner for your site is shown on someone else’s site, and you pay money only when a visitor of theirs clicks your banner. Another banner advertising statistics is on terms that charges fix rate for the period of exposure even if visitors will not click on the banner.

What can these banner advertising statistics do for you? You can find ways to pay lesser amounts on exposing your site by understanding the functions of banners and how providers of these tools are making money out of them. Factors to consider are the following.

A lot of banner advertising statistics projects that better result comes if banners are shown thru websites that compliment that of the users page. Therefore it is a poor decision to have a banner about toddler’s toys displayed on a tattoo website. That type of ad will get the right audience if place on parenting sites.

It can be tedious to pick particular sites for your banners so just identify your business niche. Banner advertising statistics that advises people on identifying their niche to draw the potential buyers are considered reliable.

Banner advertising statistics are also into the quality of banners used. Think seriously about all the banners you see and take note of the ones that catch your eye, as well as the ones that impel you to click on them. This is exactly due to their different contents.

A banner must leave a visitor hanging on after some imposing statements or enticing questions so that he will click on it. It might also mean some eye-catching graphics that will pull the visitor in and make them want to see more. The quality of your banner is an important aspect of successful banner advertising statistics so you don’t want to ignore it.

Several studies on banner advertisements bank on their effectiveness without the high charges. Being able to understand these simple banner advertising statistics will also be important for making the right decisions regarding your success.

Are you know How to Boost Your Pay Per Click Banner Advertising?

Making use of pay per click banner advertising is a preferred choice among webmasters nowadays as it can boost your site’s traffic without having to do a great deal of work. You can make a banner of your own using graphics design applications; a banner doesn’t have to have animation or flash and it can just be a simple basic picture.

Furthermore, once a banner is designed and situated within a certain genre it normally appears on its own without you having to do anything extra. Many companies that support pay per click banner advertising will have your banner rotate with others in their company; you simply need to keep a banner running on your site in order for your banner to run an other website.

You can improve your pay per click banner advertising and gain more visitors and traffic to your site if you look at various quick tips on how to do this. There are no promises as to the effects, but you’re assured to be rewarded from these tipsand tricks if you think them over carefully.

How frequently have you viewed a uniform banner over and over again and ignore it straight away because it’s so mundane? If other companies have encountered it, then you banner can encounter it as well. This is why it’s useful to think about altering your banner constantly; you can render a new banner or alternate them over and over again. This will allow you to enhance your pay per click banner advertising results since they’ll be less likely to be dismissed simply because they look the same.

You don’t have to pay expensively for a new banner. Usually a graphic designer can deal with your current banner and easily revise some elements. This will mean less expenditure for you, and potential customers will have a sense of familiarity without becoming uninterested to your banners. When they view something fresh, this will enhance your pay per click banner advertising results since they’re more likely to click on that new banner.

Typically with pay per click banner advertising, your banner is shown on websites that fit a certain genre, such as sports, pop culture, retail, and so on. It’s best to match your banner into a particular genre in order for possible customers to notice that banner so that it won’t be wasted to those that aren’t concerned about your business or site.

However, you might consider mixing things up a little bit as well. If you sell skateboarding equipment, of course you want your banner shown on sports themed sites. But why not try popular culture sites as well? Or commerce websites? These may offer potential visitors as well, since many who visit these sites are likely to visit your site as well. By altering your genres, you may attain an increase in your pay per click banner advertising results.

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In this video i compare best wordpress banner rotators – WP Bannerize and Max Banner Ads. Both have pros and cons and it really depends on your needs which one will be the better choice.

If you’re searching for basic wordpress advertising plugin and you don’t want to mess around with any code, i suggest you get the Max Banner Ads plugin, because you will have preset zones and it’s very simple to use.

If you are searching for wordpress banner plugin which can display certain banners only on specific categories – I suggest you go with the WP Bannerize, because it has this feature in it’s free version.

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Are You Avoiding Banner Advertising? Find Out Why You Need To Use It

ad – alligators (sales reps in fort worth)
banner Advertising
Image by George Morris
This banner ad confuses the heck out of me. First off, it’s very hard to read, and I almost skipped right over it. And, it really tells you nothing (which is a pretty effective way to pique a viewers curiosity, actually).

When clicked, the ad links to a job listing:

In case it expires, here’s the text:
Job Snapshot
Location :
Fort Worth, TX (map it!Map it!)
Employee Type :
Industry :
Sales – Marketing
Manages Others :
Job Type :
Experience :
Not Specified
Relocation Covered :
Post Date :
Contact Information
Phone :
Ref ID :
View Original Newspaper Ad

We need several semi-obnoxious pushy sales reps with skin
like alligators for a boring and repetitive sales job. Our current
staff, who are the laziest group of individuals that you’d ever
want to meet, drag themselves through our short days trying to
figure out whether to complain about the weather (it’s always
too hot or too cold to sell, except for one week in April);
the economy (nobody can afford anything except lottery tickets) or the management. Somehow they manage to make it to their appointments (preset leads provided) and make a great deal of money, which surprises us because its not April and we don’t sell lottery tickets. If you have the appropriate sensibilities (none) and desire to make -k.
This is not a croc.
817-588-2050 Mr. Murphy

Source – Fort Worth Star Telegram

Did you know that there are a large number of people who are scared to use banner advertising as a source to generate website traffic. It is a fact that a lot of internet marketers avoid banner advertising like the plague wanting nothing to do with it. I want to explain to you in this article why some marketers feel this way and why you need to use it right now.

Banner Advertising Reason #1:

There is no doubt that there are a lot of horror stories out there about people using this method of advertising and losing a tremendous amount of money. This is the reason why most people avoid it. However in these nasty stories the facts were not completely revealed, here’s the issue… if you buy a banner ad on a huge site that has nothing to do with your market, then naturally you’re going to lose money and eventually go broke. That is a fact you can take to the bank!

So with that information in mind, all you really need to do is concentrate on the smaller websites that are in your niche market and then be sure to track them. You can plan on receiving a good increase in traffic resulting in a higher profit margin assuming that you tested it first.

Banner Advertising Reason #2:

Many people really believe that banners are supposedly out of advertising style and that people won’t click on banner ads anymore because of that. Their reasoning behind this is that because this source of advertising has been in existence for so long, people now have developed what’s commonly referred to as banner blindness.

Banner Blindness means that even though the banner is visibly shown on the site -people don’t notice or “see” it because they have become blind to banners.

In reality the truth is this – people do and will always continue to click on an ad if it is relevant or of interest to them! When people see the banner and they feel that clicking the ad will lead to a solution to the pain or problem that they personally are experiencing, they definitely will click on it.
It is therefore very important to make sure you are addressing and speaking to your markets needs. Banner ads that offer a solution to problems will in fact be noticed. Once you are able do this – you can expect a great response from your banner ads resulting in an increase in click through rates and ultimately getting a lot more traffic to your website.

Want to find out more about Banner Advertising, then visit Patricia Hedge’s site on how to choose the best Internet Marketing Training for your needs.

Banner Advertising

One pound canister finest Plantation Coffee
banner Advertising
Image by State Library Victoria Collections

Rectangular labels in red ink, titles printed inside decorative border: One pound canister finest Plantation Coffe with chicory / fresh roasted & ground. Emu and kangaroo flanking text, star trademark incorporated into base of border — Identical label flanked with eagle holding banner and shell shape with Latin inscription.

Visit our catalogue to download a hi-res copy or find out more about this image: handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/54753

Want to find more pictures from the State Library of Victoria’s collections? guides.slv.vic.gov.au/pictures

In this article we are going to discuss the various ways to obtain advertising space for banners. There are multiple ways to achieve our goals but some ways to do this have more benefits than others.

In many cases the very cheapest way to get advertising space for banners is to purchase directly from a website manager or the owner themselves. What is great about dealing directly with them is that another party is not involved in the process which gives us some more options. This can save costs by dealing directly without having to pay another party which is involved in the advertising.

A great avenue of this is when working directly there can be adjustments made of the space and site placement of the banner in some cases which can be negotiated. There simply is more flexibility when working directly with the people that are responsible for the website itself.

To get these great advertising spaces we just can work with them by simply offering more than they are getting with their current advertisers. We simply just need to outbid sometimes 50% or possibly even a bit more to make sure that our competitors are not going to come back and bid us up again. This way we can continue to keep that space. They may be a little scared to drop their advertiser for a new advertiser since you could bail out on them after some testing. You may have to sign a contract but usually not. They are not so worried about losing an advertiser if you are replacing some search engine’s content ad code which they can replace if you decide to bail out after testing.

A magnificent method is to use the content networks of search engines to be able to specifically target certain websites. Some search engines do have this ability to not just run ads across the network but to be able to placement targeted specifically on sites we want. This way we can target specific high converting keywords and see which websites come up in the organic results and pick those sites for ads.

What is really great about this search engine content method is the ability to target a lot of websites in a short period of time. You’re going to need a fairly decent budget to do this but it is a very powerful method, you can start out on a small budget though. We can target a lot of websites with different sized banners changing and coordinating them inside the control panels of the search engines. If you’re starting out small you can just do one banner on one website to get going, the search engines generally do not have a minimum. I mean by this we only need $ 5-$ 25 to open an account with some of these engines.

A really good method may be the easiest and the most effective use of time in some cases is to use an advertising agency. They are very reasonable to get started with opening an account with these in most cases. Looking through the directories we can choose the exact placement that we want and the exact website, growing up campaigns, and running with it.

Working inside the ad agency’s control panels makes things incredibly time effective and easy. We can adjust the banner sizes very quickly choosing different places to place our ads on the sites themselves with a click of the mouse.

It was a great opportunity to be able to bring this information to your attention. More information on banner advertising training with other related information is available on my website. There should be a resource link near this article.

Resources for banner advertising. Banner Advertisng-Click Here

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Small Business Perils of Banner Advertising

A Strange and Horrible Advertising Banner
banner Advertising
Image by John Morton
I just saw this banner on CNN and had to take a screen shot and post it because it’s so weird. Does anyone understand why that headline is on an oversized dog?

Despite what you might sometimes hear, banner advertising is still very successful for many small businesses, but only if carried out in the right way. What is the right way, and how does your business avoid the pitfalls of advertising on the internet? The answer is to understand the customer more than many advertisers seem to. There are very many examples of poor advertising on the internet. It is only by being aware of the poor tactics used by those businesses that fail to understand their visitors that you can make sure your own banner advertisements are successful.

An example of a banner advert can be found on the overwhelming majority of web pages across the internet. However, of course, prevalence is no testament to either quality or success, and in many cases, neither attribute seems very evident. Most people have become utterly tired of the clich├ęd banners flashing like a Las Vegas neon sign that is trying to outdo the rest of the website. Typically, these adverts congratulate the visitor on being the 100,000,000th visitor to see the advert, in which case you feel deeply sorry for the other 99,999,999 people who have also had to risk having a seizure and getting nothing for their trouble!

Similarly, banner adverts which try to frighten potential customers into clicking on them have tended to become shunned, ignored or blocked, such as those suggesting that, in the microsecond since the web page was loaded, they have managed to scan your entire hard drive and discover a virus which was evidently missed by that expensive, award winning anti-virus software you keep updated every day.

Visually nauseating banner adverts, or those which either try to frighten people into clicking no longer have very successful click through rates, and do more harm than good. Yet banner adverts persist. Why? Simply because there are enough examples of good and effective advertising out there that work, for them to remain economically viable.

It takes a great deal of thought and effort for a small business to achieve success with this form of internet advertising. Avoiding repulsive flashing colour themes, fear or trickery are just the first pitfalls to avoid. Another major problem is trustworthiness. Most visitors tend to view banner advertisements with a deep sense of distrust. You’re already starting on the back foot, having to somehow persuade the visitor you are trustworthy, honest and reliable, intent on doing no harm, nor of assaulting the senses or of pulling some kind of unpleasant stunt. All this in a handful of words and a small image is asking a lot, but it is possible.

One of the other dangers banner advertisers tend to leap into like lemmings having a bad day is trying to fool the visitor into clicking the advert. This isn’t quite the same as frightening them into clicking the advert by making it look like a virus alert or system message, but in visually disguising the advert to appear as though it was a genuine portion of the website. This is not a tactic which your business should employ.

The reason is because visitors do not like being deceived. Clicking on a link because it looks like part of the website menu, and then finding that you’re whisked off to a website far, far away on a server somewhere in Eastern Europe is not a good way to encourage repeat visitors.

Remember, your banner advertising is often the very first impression people receive of your business. Take a good long hard look at your internet adverts, and ask yourself if that really is how you want your business to be perceived by your potential customers.

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